Business Process Optimization

Optimizing a business requires more than just purchasing new software and hoping that will do the trick. It entails a deep dive into the critical functions of a business to truly understand its inefficiencies. After understanding the entire picture, you can put together a comprehensive strategy that optimizes your resources.


STRIVETY approaches BPO projects with a proven workflow. We will maximize the synergy between new and existing processes so that the burden is not simply shifted from one area of the business to another.

Marketing Strategy and Automation

Successful marketing strategies require a multifaceted approach that delivers a consistent and personalized message to your buyers. Expanding your focus beyond the traditional mass marketing and advertising tactics will drive increased engagement and conversions for your prospects.

Sales Strategy and Operations

We help companies design sales processes to grow their revenue and drive down their cost per acquisition. Driving more revenue to your business solves many problems across your organization. More revenue means higher budgets, improved synergy and greater profits.

Seamless Customer Service

Finding new customers is undoubtedly harder and more expensive than keeping the ones you have. The ability to annuitize existing relationships into a recurring revenue stream will grow your bottom line profits tremendously. We help companies build customer loyalty through unique programs and improved customer satisfaction. 

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